the brand new executive calls the conclusion of recessOn Saturday, September 10, the affiliation for the protection of Jemna’s Oasis organized a gathering in the commence air on the core of town. Clustered around the main intersection are hardware outlets, a café, and a police workplace. on the different side of the intersection, on a vast sidewalk which additionally serves as variety of city rectangular, guys of all a while arrive carrying plastic blue, eco-friendly, and orange chairs borrowed from the café. The assembly starts right now at 5:30pm, even before the arrival of Zouhair Maghzaoui, probably the most area’s parliamentary deputies.

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affiliation president Taher Tahri starts off with a debriefing on negotiations with «el hakem,» the authorities in Tunis. The Ministry of State houses and Land Affairs threatened to cancel the demand tenders, and affiliation individuals didn’t lose a moment contacting Mabrouk Kourchid, the department’s new Secretary of State. in accordance with Tahri, Kourchid defined that STIL, the farm which Jemna’s residents reclaimed in 2011, belongs to the State inspite of the work conducted over the last 5 years by means of association employees and members. For Kourchid, beginning this season, the tenders procedure and farm revenues are the prerogative of the State. The Ministry proposes that the affiliation hold the variety of an organization for Agricultural advertising and development SMVDA, a standing created in 1990 to motivate private investment in State-owned lands.

A promising—and intimidating—congenial scan

The thought to radically change the affiliation into an organization revives historical demons. earlier than the revolution, State-owned lands have been leased to inner most operators who profited from the farm’s revenues with none return for town, nor even folks that worked the land. these days, the Ministry’s sole concession is to disregard the past five years during which Jemna’s inhabitants invested the revenues accumulated from dates into maintaining the palm bushes, paying workers’ salaries, and undertaking building initiatives in the location.

due to the fact Nawaat’s seek advice from to Jemna in 2015, these money have enabled the building of a permanent constitution for the souk, and, within the coming months, a new sports facility. In January this year, the association additionally bought an ambulance which gives transport to citizens for a third of the commonplace cost. «to head to Tunis, deepest ambulances can charge 850 dinars approximately 385.5 dollars. For us, it’s 350 dinars,» says Sami Sayeh, driver and emergency worker. After graduating from his reviews in healthcare in 2010, Sayeh made a living via little jobs right here and there. due to the fact that he begun riding the ambulance, Sayeh is proud to be working in his area and offering assist to people in need.

at the same time managing Jemna’s oasis


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